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Step 2- Setup the Free System

Go to your email, and find a message: "your free lead system... (open up!)"
you will find your Username/Password to access the free system
Login here: https://www.MyCompanyAdmin.com 

Follow the instructions on the site by clicking "How do I Get Started"


Upgrade for 7$ (one time payment) is HIGHLY recommended if you want to receive 6$ commissions for every Lead.

Copy This Link:

IMPORTANT: Change "YOURID#" To Your ID# from mycompanyadmin.com
(ex. http://MarketAnyLink.com/free.php?id=831124)
That will duplicate THIS page for you, help you and your leads!

**Remember- This grows your LIST and
Your leads will get AUTOMATED EMAILS about YOUR affiliate links!**

Step 3- USE The Free System
With FREE Traffic and Get Paid!

Click Image and Shorten Your New personal referral link
To This FREE Site To Quadruple Traffic!

You will create an email Campaign using "short link" (http://smh...)
that you will then GIVE AWAY and
your affiliate link will be embedded inside!

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FREE Lead System in Collaboration with GDI is Developing an integrated tools to help and support new customers.


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